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Orbees Medical was at par with top management consulting firms but was far superior when it came to the clinical insight. Over the last year, they have evolved as a valued partner to us as we evaluate a number of new spaces and targets for acquisition.
- SVP, Strategy and Portfolio Management / a large medical device company
Orbees Medical has an amazing multi-functional team that is capable of handling challenges that go beyond their core expertise. Based on our encouraging experience, we hired them to develop a new-media strategy for us; the team demonstrated extraordinary capability in an area outside their core domain and delivered highly valuable insights.
- Sr. Director of Digital Marketing / one of the largest medical device companies
Orbees team was very quick in developing a comprehensive understanding of a new therapeutic space we were interested in. They provided deep insights that enabled us to frame our strategy.
- Group Product Manager / bay area medical device company
Orbees Medical's rare combination of clinical expertise and capabilities in web and mobile technologies were critical in developing an extensive knowledge base and is now being used by our sales and marketing team, which loves the ease of access to some highly relevant clinical information instantaneously.
- Director of Strategy / a neurovascular company in the east coast, U.S.
Orbees Medical has been an incredible partner. They not only have clinicians on the staff who understand medicine but also a market-savvy team of analysts. Time and again, they have proved their worth by delivering valuable, useable insights as and when we needed it…all within the constrained budget we have faced over the last year.
- Director of Product Marketing / a medical device company in the west coast, U.S.
Orbees Medical carried out an extensive primary and secondary market research, which was central to the development of our strategy for divesting one of our divisions. While I was impressed by their market insights, their contribution to our formulation of the divestiture strategy is what I found to be most valuable.
- VP of Business Development / a large medtech company
Developing a sales rep training program has always been an internal activity for us. Orbees developed the entire content that covered insights on the disease, current clinical practices, and information about products. It was very comprehensive and my team was very pleased.
- Director of Marketing / a medical device company
Orbees Medical developed sales training content and a web-based training program, hosted on their technology platform. This was the first time we had found a vendor that could do everything within one roof. They saved us the time and effort to coordinate with three different vendors, and saved us a bundle. The final cost was much lower than the cumulative spend for similar projects in the past. Orbees is very quick and economical!
- VP of Marketing / a medical device company with focus on cardiovascular space
Although we had an amazing product that had the potential to help millions of patients in the emerging market, we did not have the requisite experience in those regions. Leveraging its extensive clinical network in the region, Orbees Medical not only helped us with the preliminary market assessment but also helped us through the successful product launch.
- CEO / a midwest based medical device company, USA
I served as a consultant with Orbees Medical for one of the recent projects. I was pleased with their professionalism and clinical depth. I was most impressed by the well-structured process of identifying and analyzing relevant clinical data from several hundred published journal articles. Orbees Medical's research was well in-line with the evidence-based medicine that we in the clinical community insist upon.
- Physician / at a top teaching facility in SF Bay Area
I was pleasantly surprised with their multidisciplinary capabilities. They understood the needs of not only my R&D group but also other teams I worked with including business development and marketing. Orbees has become an integral part of my team over the last three years. I cannot imagine going back to old ways of silo-based product development and commercialization.
- Director R&D / a large medical device company in Southern California