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As the healthcare industry goes through a major structural shift under rapidly evolving market conditions, maintaining the competitive edge and sustaining short-term and long-term growth requires a much more significant effort today by medical technology companies. In this scenario, with limited resources, our clients have to develop strategies and make quick business decisions with an in-depth understanding of rapidly changing market dynamics. Orbees Medical plays a vital role in bridging this gap – between limited resources and expanding needs – to provide critical consulting solutions.

Our Clients best understand our value proposition. They laud us for our complete solutions, encompassing deep market and clinical insights, which guide not only C-suite management teams but also field-level executives to implement needle-moving actions by marketing and sales teams. Further, we are tremendously appreciated for providing these solutions cost effectively with quick turnaround times and great flexibility.

Within Our Value Proposition

  • Superior Strategic Market and Clinical Insights

    We provide meaningful strategic and market insights that are rooted in a deep understanding of care continuum of various disease spaces, therapies, and technologies

  • Global Coverage

    US, EU-5, BRIC, other developed and emerging markets; footprint in a dozen countries

  • Flexible and Agile

    Always able to respond to client's time sensitive requirements and challenges with speed and resource bandwidth

  • Diversified Team

    MBA's, engineers, medical doctors, life-science majors, and statisticians; native language experts to communicate in local language across the major markets

  • Cost Effective

    Unfailingly provide above and beyond expected value, each time, well within the client's budget

I have worked with many firms doing similar work - and your group has, by far, been the best to date. Orbees has very high adaptability, speed, and you guys covered a lot of ground in such short time. Orbees made a significant impact for our team.
- Sr. Director, Global Marketing / a large medical device company