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Typically we engage with the Strategy and Portfolio groups of our clients. These groups are under pressure to find opportunities for both organic and inorganic growth, develop competitive measures, and provide general strategies across the company. To do this they require in-depth intelligence and out-of-the-box thinking. Orbees Medical is a great partner in this respect as we not only provide the intelligence but also connect the dots to develop meaningful and insightful strategies.

Strategy & Portfolio management

Our clients frequently seek us to...

  • Identify growth areas and develop strategies in specific clinical domains and markets
  • Make build or buy decisions
  • Develop M&A strategies
  • Understand and assess the technology landscape
  • Identify white-space and adjacent opportunities
  • Develop detailed market models
  • Accurately estimate 3-7 year growth scenarios

The strategy and portfolio group must take decisive actions with robust analysis of volatile market dynamics. To stay on top, a healthcare company has to constantly seek answers to the questions such as following:

  • How to enhance and expand its presence in a particular market segment?
  • How to tap the maximum benefits from its core competencies?
  • Is there a way to achieve further benefits from its non-core competencies?
  • What are the disease spaces that hold untapped potential and promise future growth?
  • How will the market evolve in the next five years? How will the company strategize its next move keeping in mind the various possible scenarios in the future?
  • What will be the ROI from new initiatives?
  • To develop internally, acquire, or in-license?

Orbees Medical helps clients develop efficient/comprehensive strategies and manage their portfolios by:

Landscape Analysis
Map out the entire landscape for a therapeutic area/medical specialty and enable customers expand into a completely new area or identify the adjacent opportunities to increase revenues from existing products
Market Models and Forecasting
Robust market models facilitates the client to understand the true market potential in terms of available, addressable and serviceable markets and take informed decisions for growth strategies
Due Diligence Support for M&A
Perform in-depth due diligence to evaluate the attractiveness of the segment and assess the target for validation of the business decision; thus enabling the client to take M&A decisions with more confidence
Clinical & Market Intelligence
Extensive secondary and primary research by our analysts along with key insights from our in-house physicians and external practicing experts helps us provide a complete picture of the market in focus
Business Case Analysis
Validate the opportunity, attractiveness, feasibility and actionability of the business case by leveraging industry knowledge coupled with the clinical and market expertise enabling the clients towards sound business decisions
Evaluate Opportunities & Identify Targets
Identify the possible opportunities and develop a comprehensive framework to evaluate the targets and/or strategic fits based on the client's requirement
Literature Review
It is a labor-intensive endeavor and demands a very careful and meticulous methodology to make it comprehensive and corroborated with multiple sources for making evidence-based medicine backed business decisions
Strategic Planning Support
Identify attractive market segments, develop landscape, identify the targets, and assist the client in planning their growth strategies for short, medium, and long terms

Case Studies

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Orbees Medical has an amazing multi-functional team that is capable of handling challenges that go beyond their core expertise. Based on our encouraging experience, we hired them to develop a new-media strategy for us; the team demonstrated extraordinary capability in an area outside their core domain and delivered highly valuable insights.
- Sr. Director of Digital Marketing / one of the largest medical device companies