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The philosophy of marketing entails the best possible achievement of a firm's goals through the identification of the stated and unstated needs of the customers and then striving towards meeting these needs better than the competition.

Market Assessment
Understand market dynamics from various perspectives such as regulatory, reimbursement, stakeholder preferences, referral networks, care pathways, competitors, etc to develop an effective marketing strategy
Commercialization Strategies
Identify the target customer segments and develop tailored strategies to reach them. Identify the relevant channels/platforms and develop customized activities/events to commercialize the client product
Market Penetration
Identify the market levers and provide strategic and tactical actionable recommendations to increase the penetration of the client product
Technology Landscape
Identify and analyze the current and upcoming technologies or players to understand the market landscape in a given space
Market Research
Thorough secondary and primary research to develop clinical and technological understanding, assess market dynamics and upcoming trends, and identify market opportunity to provide in-depth knowledge
Competitive Intelligence
Develop landscape to identify competitors, analyze the key factors for comparative assessment and develop strategies leveraging the competitive edge to gain market leadership
Market Development
Understand the overall market, identify the key drivers and barriers, and suggest needle moving steps to enable the clients to develop the markets
Product Launch Strategy & Execution
Identify the target customers, relevant sales channel and effective activities, and develop platforms for product launch and distribution. Further develop sales strategy for the short, medium and long term to sustain and grow the market

Case Studies

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Orbees Medical has an amazing multi-functional team that is capable of handling challenges that go beyond their core expertise. Based on our encouraging experience, we hired them to develop a new-media strategy for us; the team demonstrated extraordinary capability in an area outside their core domain and delivered highly valuable insights.
- Sr. Director of Digital Marketing / one of the largest medical device companies